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Date Mon, 27 Nov 2006 11:50:43am
From techconsultserv@
Subject [VNHF] ARVN battles
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After a lot of thinking about it, I've decided to consider doing another booklet like "Whitewash/Blackwas h", maybe a bit shorter, but all about battles and engagements where South Vietnamese soldiers performed with real distinction. The first two that come to mind are An Loc and Xuan Loc, but I know there are quite a few more that would be worth considering for inclusion.

So I am asking for two things-Inputs from everyone/anyone on other battles that might be considered for the booklet and possible help from those others who have good info on such battles, to supply me with the material about them.

I figure that having 6-10 carefully selected battles to present, in reasonably condensed by still very meaningful form, and of course whatever list of references that serious students could then follow up with if they wanted to, would make a nice additional to the war literature. One that would both correct to some degree the injustice done to those men by the neglectful or even perverted views of the ARVN, and also bring more of the true history into view in a readable form.

Please think of whatever battles or engagements are worth putting on the list of potential subjects, and also if you can help with much of it. I'll do the writing, the rough draft, get comments, and get an intial printing of maybe 100 copies. Then we can see where it goes from there.

Any help, comments, suggestions, etc, will be very gratefully received. And contacts with VN vets who were there would be potential treasures.


PS- engagements in which VN troops fought side by side with Americans, such as at Khe Sanh, should also be considered.